Mystic Crystals

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Look deeper… what do you see? Look deeper still… what do you see? Look deeper again… what do /I/ see? Let me draw your attention and thoughts with a little mystery. Listen carefully, let your mind wander and really feel yourself… your /inner/ self, obviously. Tsk 😉 Fourteen minutes of calm, pleasurable reconnection with yourself, and my will for you.

1 review for Mystic Crystals

  1. tychobrahe1

    A blissfully enchanting journey as the fortune teller uses her beautiful crystals to seduce, dance with and ultimately shape the future of your mind. Lady Jessica’s considerable talents are on full display as she draws your attention in with her amazing voice and gestures. Now she is directing your attention to a crystal ball in front of her.

    Believe me if you have a desire to swim in the hypnotic ether… I was doing a nice backstroke. Naturally, the script takes a fun turn when you discover just what an agent of vision those Mystic crystals can be. The fun, playful way Lady Jessica can drift you out of time before you are aware what is happening is a gift she shares with you here. From there just bliss and a desire to agree. This will be the last fortune teller you will need.

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