MindFuck Mantra


Ever wondered what it’s like to have your mind truly fucked? To have it toyed and played with and teased and manipulated until you can no longer tell up from down or inside from out?

Have you considered how delicious that is going to feel? Feeling instead of thinking…consumed by pleasure and drunk on trance?

Well, wonder no more because it is about to become your reality. It was as soon as you started listening…the inevitability of everything that has led up to this very moment…the all consuming pleasure of what lies ahead. Divine.

I’m going to tie your mind up in knots and turn it inside out. Manipulate it and mold it to my will. Programme you to be a better boy for your mistress.  Are you ready?

Upgrade to the “Deluxe” version and enjoy 2 exclusive loops based around this recording.


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