Mesmerizing Toy

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Have you ever wondered just how it feels to be tranced by me? To me mesmerized by my hypnotic voice and special mesmerizing toys?

Now you can find out.

Why not enjoy a delicious descent into pleasure…succumb to your desire to surrender to my voice…to trance more deeply…learn just how simple it is to relax into the pleasure…to obey.


4 reviews for Mesmerizing Toy

  1. noinpa (verified owner)

    This file draws one gently round and round, back and forth, into the depths of Lady Jessica’s watch embedded in a crystal sphere. One is brought slowly, thoroughly and completely into it, her voice and her control. For me, a calming, magical, joyful and blissful experience.

  2. Tj

    Wow what an amazing experience. Jess drops you deep and really hits the sweet spot with this one! All of her recordings are worth it but this is my favorite. Nothing beats Lasy Jessica. Fantastic!

  3. J R

    Unique toys have always been one of my favorite things about hypnosis. Lady Jessica has great taste in them, from watches to crystals, and her latest Mesmerizing Toy is unique enough to quickly draw minds in and let her words easily slip in to play.

    The crystal orb is something to behold (like a beautiful fusion of pocket watch and crystal ball), and a hypnotist like Jessica knows how to use it; my eyes followed its movements so easily, and her hypnotic voice had its way with me the entire time.

    Very happy to see Lady Jessica doing more videos, and I imagine this will remain a top favorite for a long while. Wonderful video.

  4. Robert

    Watching Lady Jessica’s fingers deftly toying with the sphere as Her voice gently cast its spell over me, it soon became obvious that what She was really toying with was my mind. I became another trinket for Her to play with.

    To be quite honest I had intended to watch a few seconds of this as a preview for now, and enjoy the full video later in the day. It’s a good thing I was sitting down, as those first moments were more than enough time for Her to capture me. I really should have known better. 😉

    This session is twenty minutes, plus zoned-out time at the end, of gentle, utterly irresistible, pleasure.

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