Aural Bliss

Words are powerful. Carried on the voice of an experienced, seductive woman such as myself they can and do weave a hypnotic web of aural bliss which catches and binds your mind and focus to me. The more you listen, the deeper you fall…thoughts melting away to make room for the dulcet tones of my voice as it slips ever deeper into your mind. Seducing and gently brainwashing you in the most blissful way imaginable.

Have you even thought about how naturally the words undulate…crest and swell and soften and shape your mind and your thoughts…bending your will to my desire.

Soft…gentle…natural…flowing…energy that sensually sinks into your mind. Powerful and inescapable. Irresistible and unstoppable.

The more you listen the more helpless you become. The aural bliss of my voice guiding you to pleasures beyond anything you have ever imagined. Beckoning you like a sirens call to surrender…to give yourself over to the mindless pleasure…the aching desire deep inside of you to plunge further into the mindless vortex of hypnotic oblivion conjured by the iridescent magic of my voice.

You will surrender and succumb to the bliss of my voice…it’s inevitable and more pleasurable than you could ever imagine.



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