This is the first part in what I hope will be a series…it’s intended to be a source of information predominantly for those new to the scene.  It’s a work in progress, but hopefully you’re able to find something useful to take away.  Please remember this is a subjective piece – it’s based around my experiences and opinions.  Any and all feedback is welcomed, as always.

Getting Started:

Taking The First Steps

  1. So you’re interested in Erotic Hypnosis?

You’ve obviously discovered that this is an area which piques your interest, so congratulations on taking the first steps into developing what can potentially be a very pleasurable and fulfilling interest.

Erotic Hypnosis/HypnoDommes is a small but growing niche.  Having spoken with many people, the reasons for their attraction to this fetish are as individual as they are, although there are a few more prevalent themes such as discovering the fetish at a young age.  I’ve put together this e-book to help guide you through the process of taking those first steps and laying firm foundations on which you will be able to build some undoubtedly incredible experiences.

Erotic Hypnosis is an as yet relatively unknown niche, but it is growing fast and gaining momentum as people such as yourself become aware of its existence.  Despite its relatively small size, however, there is a dazzling array of options on offer, and a variety of interests/fetishes are catered for.  Everything from utilising hypnosis to enhance pleasure and deepen submission (erotic hypnosis) to sissification, JOI (jerk-off instructions) and many, many more.

  1. Defining and exploring your interests.

If you’re completely new to this fetish, I am well aware that it can appear to be somewhat overwhelming – I mean, where do you even start?  Sometimes the sheer amount of options can feel paralysing because it’s not always clear where to even begin.  The good news is this doesn’t have to be the case.  With some sensible planning you should be able to reasonably pin-point at least basic indicators of what you are after.  These don’t have to be fixed, and may well change and evolve as you become more comfortable.

There are a variety of hypnotists and hypnoDommes out there, many of whom will have their own specific specialties.  It is well worth taking time to explore and sample as you’ll likely discover new topics and styles you never knew existed which excite and arouse you.  You’re surrounded by opportunities – embrace them.

  1. Where to find a suitable hypnotist.

The internet is a big place – if you’re looking for a hypnotist where do you start?  Well, there’s different ways you can approach this:

  1. Google – try typing in difference search terms (e.g. erotic hypnosis, hypnoDomme – get creative!) and explore relevant website results. This is rather time consuming but it does allow you to see the actual websites of various hypnotists so you can get a good feel for their style and approach.  They’ll also likely have free/sample recordings so you can hear (and in some cases see if they also have videos) their style and approach.
  2. Hypnosis Communities – There are a number of hypnosis based communities out there. They can be a brilliant way to meet and engage with like-minded people and also hypnotists.  The ones I tend to frequent are and SleepyWatch but I am sure that there are others.
  3. WebShops – there are webshops that cater for the hypnosis market – SensualMistress, Clips4Sale and others. Well worth checking out.
  4. Social Media – Personally I only use Twitter at the moment, but I know other hypnotists are active on other options such as Facebook and Tumblr so it’s definitely worth exploring. It’s a great way to get a better insight into a hypnotists personality – plus you can reach out and ask questions.
  5. What to look for in a hypnotist.

The answer to this will be a little bit subjective as hypnosis itself is inherently subjective.  There is no “one size fits all” skeleton key approach that works for absolutely everyone and no one hypnotist who can confidently hypnotise 100% of people.

Having said that, there are key things you should be looking out for:

  • Integrity – you want someone who will not unduly take advantage. For some people part of the excitement is being taken advantage of and that’s great, but there should always be mutually understood limits which are adhered to.  Trust me when I say this will make the experience 100% better!
  • Are they approachable and do they answer your questions? – Again, this will depend on what it is you’re looking for. If it’s more the Domme aspect then yes, you will find a lot of Dommes requesting tributes before they acknowledge you.  I can see why they do it – it weeds out timewasters – personally I am not comfortable with this approach.  I’d far rather see a brief free introduction so that mutual trust can be established as long as it’s clear from the outset that if both parties are happy with the arrangement then a tribute will be required to “seal the deal” as it were.  Having said all that, it’s not my approach (I never request tributes at any point as a “requirement” for engaging/continuing to engage with me) so it’s entirely possible there’s some aspect I haven’t considered!

Assuming you’re looking for more hypnosis orientated services the tribute requirement shouldn’t be such a big consideration and instead you should be focused on the attitude of the hypnotist.  When you ask a question how do they respond?  Are they friendly?  Do you feel comfortable with them?  Your response to their attitude is entirely subjective so don’t be concerned with that.  They could respond perfectly pleasantly and in a reasonable way but you just don’t feel that you “connect” with them.  That’s fine.

  • Do they take your interests into account? – Some hypnotists have their own specialties and won’t divert from them – it’s their way or the highway. Others go the other way and say that they can/will do absolutely anything.  Be wary of both.  Not saying they’re wrong, but in my experience good hypnotists will have areas they specialise in, areas they have experience in/are comfortable with and areas they don’t deal with at all.  You want to find a hypnotist who either has extensive experience in the area/s you’re looking to explore or is open to working with you to achieve your goals, even if this means them admitting that they don’t have a lot of experience in that field.  If it’s the latter then obviously it’s your decision as to whether or not to pursue the relationship but a good hypnotist will have a “core” set of skills that they can apply and as long as they’re comfortable with the idea/topic, and have a good deal of general experience then odds are you’re in safe hands.


5. What questions should you be asking?

Okay – so you’ve found a hypnotist whose style resonates with you, but you’re unsure what to do next.  I would begin by a dialogue with them – perhaps begin by sending them a short, polite message saying you’ve listened to their recordings and enjoyed them (explaining why).  Hypnotists are people, too.  They will appreciate you taking the time to thank them and it makes it much easier for both of you, rather than simply launching straight into questions.

Once you’ve established a connection, however, it’s worth respectfully asking if they would mind asking some questions as you are potentially interested in further developing your relationship with them.  The questions you ask are up to you, but if you’re not sure I would suggest the following questions/themes:

  1. What aspects of hypnosis do they enjoy? Obviously you as a subject find it a pleasurable experience, but what are their motives?  Asking this not only gives you a better understanding of the reasons why they do what they do (is it for the money, lifestyle, love of hypnosis?) and an insight into their personality, but also lets the hypnotist know you’re thinking about them and their interests rather than just your own.
  2. What areas do they specialise in? You may be really interested in Sissifcation, but this hypnotist specialises in only FinDomme which doesn’t interest you.  If your interests don’t align, it’s better to find out sooner rather than later!
  3. What services do they offer? Do they simply offer mp3’s, or do they also offer videos, live sessions, customised recordings, in-person sessions, etc?  Again, this will let you know if your needs will be satisfied.

The above are simply a few suggestions – it goes without saying that it’s not recommended to bombard a hypnotist with questions, but it is worth carefully thinking through your priorities and shortlisting appropriate questions that will get you the answers you need.