The Dryad


Length: 17 minutes 12 seconds

This recording is a collaboration with @ClavisRa (check him out on Twitter).  I enjoy doing collaborations as it gives me the opportunity to tap into a different style…explore new themes and experiences and this recording is no exception.

It’s a story based hypnotic exploration which I feel the original Synopsis sums up well:

You go for a walk in a park to relieve yourself of the stresses of the world and your life and to commune with nature. You discover a dryad communing with a tree, who embodies all that you want to feel. She leads you into the experience of communing with the tree, going deeply into trance, and leaves you there for as long as the connected stillness is comfortable.

This is a different, ephemeral experience…gentle and natural and an excellent way to explore new hypnotic landscapes and possibilities.


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