The concept of erotic hypnosis is still a relatively niche one, and not as of yet particularly well developed.  It’s growing, for sure, but there are still grey areas where delineations are somewhat blurred.  The differentiation between what constitutes a hypnoDomme and an erotic hypnotist are excellent examples of this.


The two terms are often used interchangeably to mean “more or less” the same thing, but I’m not convinced that that’s the case.  To my mind, if you’re a hypnoDomme then by the very nature of what you do you’re likely also an erotic hypnotist but I also believe it is possible to be an erotic hypnotist without also identifying as a hypnoDomme.


Why?  Well, it all comes down to the specialities of each profession.  To aim to make things a little clearer I’ve provided brief (and subjective as they’re purely based on my own interpretation) definitions of hypnoDommes and erotic hypnotists to hopefully better illustrate my point of view.


HypnoDommes are hypnotists who specialise in working within the BDSM niche.  They utilise hypnosis as a means to heighten/deepen typical D/s (Dominant/submissive) scenarios.  The focus is on creating a richer dynamic, and introducing trance allows a hypnoDomme to deepen their control (with the consent of their subject) which allows for an often much more intense experience.  What were traditionally physical aspects of the BDSM scene – for example bondage – can also be brought into play as a hypnoDomme can use the power of a hypnotic trance to convince a subject that they are appropriately bound (and have the subject believe this absolutely) even in the absence of physical restraints.


Erotic Hypnotists are more generalised.  The application of hypnosis is for the purpose of eroticism/arousal and whilst this can encompass D/s elements, it is by no means confined to them.  Hands-free orgasms, for example, can be used by HypnoDommes as an expression of control but they do not need to be framed this way.  An erotic hypnotist could induce a hands-free orgasm purely because it is a pleasurable/erotic experience.  Some people do not like the idea of being submissive/giving up control and with erotic hypnosis they do not have to.  Giving up control is not a requirement to enjoy trance.  It’s simply an added option that exists if you want to utilise it.


Personally I identify as an erotic hypnotist who can and does incorporate being a hypnoDomme when it’s appropriate to do so.  Why do I identify myself this way?  Because my main focus is pleasure, and (as long as it’s legal of course), I don’t discriminate how that pleasure is enjoyed.  Some people’s pleasure incorporates submissive elements, but for others it doesn’t and I like being able to embrace both sides.  Besides, even when I do incorporate D/s elements into trances, my style of domination is typically much more subtle and nuanced than the average Domme.  I’m not overt, I don’t make demands…but I still manage to accept and exert complete control where appropriate.


I hope that as the erotic hypnosis/hypnoDomme scene continues to grow the delineations and nuances between the two will continue to become more pronounced as I do worry sometimes that people who may be interested in Erotic Hypnosis are perhaps discouraged by the assumption that submission/surrender and other D/s elements are required.  Erotic hypnosis is open to all who enjoy pleasure in all its forms.  As a hypnotist I can literally make your fantasies become your realities and let’s be honest– how cool is that?!


I would love to hear your thoughts on the similarities/differences between hypnoDommes and erotic hypnosis so please feel free to share in the comments below.