How Effective is Text Hypnosis?

There are countless ways to hypnotise someone – in person, over the phone, live video (like Skype)…and then there is hypnosis over text. Many people seem to be especially suspicious of text hypnosis and I regularly get asked if it is effective. Now you have your answer:

Text trance can be just as effective as any other form of trancing but it does require a skilled and experienced hypnotist if it is to be carried out effectively.

The hypnotist can’t rely on visual cues over test so the hypnotist is essentially “working blind” from that perspective. Personally speaking I compensate for this by relying on my extensive experience – you get a feel for what stage people are at based partly on general experience and partly on how they respond. It’s a mix of experience, intuition and knowing what questions to ask to work out where things are at and what needs to be done to develop/monitor the trance state.

If a subject is capable of following simple instructions and being honest about what they are experiencing then text trance should be successful, especially in the hands of a skilled hypnotist.

Text hypnosis is a “different” experience to other types of hypnotic induction but is equally effective and you can still experience and enjoy deep trance.

This type of induction works even if you are skeptical. I have hypnotised plenty of people who weren’t sure if it would work – they still tranced deeply for me.

I initially added text hypnosis to my site as a temporary measure when I was moving and unable to offer video sessions. The plan was to remove the option for text hypnosis sessions once I had settled, but they proved to be so popular that I decided to leave them as an option.

I do have some testimonials for text hypnosis sessions on my “Testimonials” page which are worth taking a look at if you are curious.

Any thoughts, comments, questions? Please share them below.

Bring on 2020

2019 was an interesting year for me. I’ve continued to grow and develop my hypnosis business; continued to cement my reputation as a specialist in working with analytical people and those who have struggled to trance and have enjoyed countless wonderful live sessions with both new and existing clients.

I’m truly blessed being able to do a job I love so much and am deeply thankful to each and every one of you who has and continues to support me by purchasing mp3s, videos and live sessions and promoting/recommending me to others. It means more than you know.

2020 is going to be a big and expensive year for me so I need your continued support more than ever. Some time this year (likely in the spring but date TBC) I will be moving back to the UK from Canada. The move will be expensive and cost  $6k+. To help cover this I am planning to release more mp3s and videos but tributes (big or small) to help cover the costs (which include flights, shipping cats, rent deposit, purchasing a car, etc) will be *immensely* appreciated.

I’m also planning to push my own boundaries and explore new mp3s with themes I haven’t yet covered. I’ve found in the past that getting out of my comfort zone every once in a while has really helped me to grow and expand my skills, so it’s a trend I am keen to continue.

I couldn’t continue to do what I do without your support and I want you to know that I truly appreciate it. Every purchase, every review and every tribute really does make a difference.

Thank you.