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What is a spell but words delicately and expertly woven?


What is a spell but words delicately and expertly woven and cast with the intent of bending the object of focus to the will of the power speaking the words? Words, given life and delivering power. Shaping the universe and taking control of what we want...securing its outcome with a confidence borne of experience and power.

My words, so sensuously and subtly woven into the fabric of the lilting tones of my voice and delivered to your ears as water to a thirsty man...you...drinking in what I say, allowing my words to flow through you unencumbered and nourishing your mind and body and becoming slowly drunk on the power of what I have to offer.

My words can cast spells to achieve many things...to bring me what I want...to fulfill my every desire...to command obedience and to deliver pleasure and in doing so bind attention to me for the duration of that pleasure. I can bring you under my spell any time I want. You will become spellbound by me and there is absolutely nothing you can do about it.

After all, how could you even hope to resist the power of my voice? The sensual seduction of my words as they weave a spoken spell to entrap you so softly...gently...lulling your mind into a deep sense of security and wellbeing…allowing you to discover just how good it feels to succumb and give your mind and body over to me - where it belongs.

2 reviews for Spellbound

  1. Robert

    This delightful session proves yet again that the Lady does not need an “induction” to replace your thoughts with Her words. It just happens automatically. You don’t need to be counted down or anything like that. You simply listen and at some point you realize that She is all you hear and all you want to do is obey Her. Spellbound indeed. Her voice and Her words are magical, and feeling Her power washing over you is an absolutely wonderful feeling.

    I got this session from Niteflirt the day She released it and have listened to it half a dozen times in 24 hours. Spellbound indeed. I certainly am. You will be too. Get this session.

  2. J R

    Spellbound is a wonderfully-bewitching file that proves how powerful some words, and any words spoken by Lady Jessica, can be.

    I love how the topic is the term and concept of the recording title, yet the effect she has on me defined it; it was so easy to be lost in her voice and her intent of illustrating how deep we can go for her, and I can’t wait to go deeper the next time. The pleasure was positively magical, and only made me wish the recording wouldn’t end; the lingering feeling afterwards staying with me keep the pleasure present though.

    This one felt a little Halloween-themed with a title like Spellbound, but this one is worth listening to all year. Thank you Lady Jessica for another amazing audio session.

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