There seems to be (for some reason I have yet to fathom) an enduring assumption that analytical people are somehow “difficult” to trance.  I have spoken to so many people who say to me “oh, I’m analytical – I can’t be hypnotised”.  Usually it has because they have tried and failed or, even worse, some short-sighted hypnotist has told them (mistakenly) that they’re difficult to trance because they’re analytical.

Can I just begin by saying that that is complete and utter nonsense – if someone tries to tell you that you will be bad at trancing or will struggle to trance, ignore them.  They’re talking rubbish and it is a reflection of their own inability to perceive your natural talent for trancing rather than any shortcoming on your part.

Analytically minded people make amazing subjects!  They make absolutely amazing subjects and trance quicker and deeper than just about any other type of subject.  How do I know this?  6+ years of experience as a hypnotist working with so called “difficult” people who previously struggled to trance.  Seriously – if you are analytical, you are a fantastic subject and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise!

“But” I hear you say (especially if you’re analytical), “I have tried and have struggled with hypnosis, so you can’t be correct”.  My response to such as statement would be along the lines of saying that there are many, many different kinds of inductions which can be used and when dealing with analytical people, a lot of hypnotists seem to assume that you have to either suppress or bypass the analytical part of the subject to induce successful trance.  Me?  I take the opposite stance.  I actively encourage people to fully employ their analytical skills to explore the transition into trance.

Analytical people are naturally excellent at focusing and, well…analysing.  Both of these are absolutely fantastic attributes if you’re looking to enjoy trance.  Trying to ignore/suppress/bypass these is akin to typing with one hand tied behind your back – yes, you can still do it, but you’re making it unnecessarily hard on yourself.  You’re not “doing it wrong” if you’re analysing what’s happening – quite the opposite.  You’ll probably find yourself trancing deeper and quicker because you’re not only aware of what’s happening, but you can see that it’s working.

For my part I absolutely love working with analytical people.  Once you get the right induction that works for them it’s like a light switch – *boom*, they’re under.  It’s brilliant!  Or, you get “it’s not going to work….it’s not going to work….holy sh*t, it worked!”.  I’m telling you – that exclamation of surprise and excitement never gets old (and I’ve been doing this for years, now).

Please, please, please don’t get discouraged if you have previously tried to trance and struggled.  It is in no way a reflection on you and your ability to trance.  All it means is that you haven’t found a technique/style that resonates with you yet.  There is no induction in the world that works on 100% of people, and whilst it can be nice to “relax” into an induction, it’s not necessary so feel free to let loose and analyse the hell out of it.  Odds are, in doing so you’ll drop that much quicker – especially with the right induction.

If you’re just starting out, or have struggled previously I highly recommend a live session with a hypnotist whose style you like and who specialises in working with analytical people (in other words appreciates/celebrates your innate talents and knows how to show you how to effectively capitalise on them).  If you can’t commit to a live session, I have an induction available in my MP3 store on my website called “Beyond Progressive Relaxation” which I created especially for analytical minds.

Either way, explore, learn and enjoy and above all know that you are a natural when it comes to trancing and are more than capable of enjoying some truly phenomenal experiences!