Pay What You Want


I value my work and I hope you do, too. I’ve added the “pay what you want” option to my free recordings as a way for you to easily show appreciation for my recordings.

How it works:

1. You can stream the audio of my free recordings via the FREE GIFTS page.

2. If you want to download the free recordings you can do so via this page (Pay What You Want)

3. Enter whatever price you think the recording is worth in the “Name Your Price” box. The suggested pricing is just that – suggested. You can enter any value, starting at $0. Yes – that’s correct. You are still able to download the recordings for free if you want to.

Why is the suggested price $3?

Because it’s a nominal cost but shows me you appreciate my work and the effort I put into it.  If you want to pay more as a tribute that’s fantastic (and much appreciated). If you don’t want to pay anything, that’s a possibility as well.  Just know that the more you support me/my work the more time I am able to invest in producing more for you to enjoy.