Okay guys – I know I’ve been pretty quiet these last few weeks and I’m sorry.  I got called upon last minute to dog/house sit for my folks for a few weeks whilst they jetted off on holiday.

I assumed (wrongly as it turns out) that it wouldn’t be a massive impediment, but of course things never turn out the way you expect!  Turns out my folks have done zero training with the dogs, so I was getting woken up every few hours in the night, dealing with dogs barking every time someone walked by the house and goodness knows what else.  None of this was conducive to either maintaining my sanity or enjoying skype sessions/recording.

Sooo…I’ve pretty much been on hiatus for the last few weeks, spending my time trying to hold on to what is left of my sanity with minimal sleep.  It’s not been fun but the good news is I will be home by Monday 8th May, and so after taking a few days to catch up on sleep I should be good to go!  I’ve got some new recordings I’m hoping to release soon and also some new ideas I want to run by you guys which I will share in my next blog post.

Want to finish up by saying a big thank you to all my boys for checking in on me during the last few weeks and for your ongoing support.  It means the world to me. x