I think to explain what I want to and how I want to, I need to start from the beginning, as it were.

I’ve had a passing awareness/vague interest in hypnosis for as long as I can remember – I thought it was interesting, but hadn’t paid much attention to how it actually worked.  That all changed about seven years ago.  I was working adult phone lines to help pay for my graduate degree (flexible hours, pay wasn’t bad and I’m a fairly open minded lady so it seemed like the obvious choice!).

So…I had this one guy on the phone – all was going well and then I noticed he started becoming more quiet and compliant…something was definitely “off”, but it took me a good while to figure out what it was.  Needless to say I eventually had my light-bulb moment and figured out that this guy was in trance…and that I must have somehow done it.  I remember being simultaneously confused and intrigued so decided to see how far I could take things.  Turns out you can make guys orgasm and cum hands free.  Who knew? (It was news to me at that point!).

Over the next few weeks I conducted a little experiment when working the phone lies, trying to replicate that initial response – I tried different words, tones of voice, suggestions…all sorts.  I shamelessly took advantage of a lot of guys without them necessarily being aware (and introduced them to hands free orgasms in the process so I don’t think any would, in retrospect, complain).  Initially I had mixed results, but over time I was able to refine the process and improve my success rate.

This brings me on to why I chose hypnosis – or rather why I chose to stick with it (7 years and counting!).  First and foremost I love it – I love the scope and the adaptability…how it can be used to help people successfully overcome serious problems in their life, but at the same time can also be used recreationally either for platonic or erotic pleasure.  Seriously – so many possibilities!  How can that not be exciting?

I get a buzz each and every time I trance someone…whether it’s watching one of my boys slip into trance for me at a single command, or watching a new client gently succumb to the soft, subtle but devastatingly effective hypnotic power of my voice.  It’s so much fun to learn, play and explore – especially when the only limit to what’s possible is your imagination.  I get to have fun, to unleash my creativity and to watch my boys/clients enjoy exquisite and profound pleasure.  Seriously – what more can a lady ask for?

I went pro about a year ago now (after around 2 years of loving pestering by Romeo of Descent Hypnosis Radio – as an aside, if you haven’t checked his radio station out yet, you really should!), and still pinch myself every time I get the opportunity to indulge in something I love so much and am so passionate about and get paid for it.  To me that’s utterly crazy.  It has had unintended benefits, though – the money I’ve earned so far has allowed me to indulge in one of my other passions – travel – and for that I am exceptionally grateful.

Every day that I get to continue doing what I love is a blessing.  Hypnosis isn’t yet my full time job – I’ve made a conscious decision that because I am pursuing my passion I want to do it on my terms.  I am selective about the clients I choose to work with – I want to make sure we both have broadly similar interests (e.g. if you’re into humiliation I am most definitely not the hypnotist for you!  If on the other hand you want to enjoy erotic hypnosis to explore new dimensions of pleasure then please, by all means – get in touch!) and that I feel we would be a good “fit”.  So far this has meant I have had to politely decline some clients (I make recommendations of other hypnoDommes who I feel may be more appropriate when I can), but the flip side is that the clients who I do engage with have a really great time (as do I, obviously!).

I don’t put on a persona – you get (for better or worse) my real personality.  As I don’t see myself as a straight-up Domme (I can and do incorporate elements, but generally more lightly) you won’t find me demanding tributes before being allowed to talk to me (nothing inherently wrong with this – just not my style) or any “heavy-handed” domination.  I pride myself on my ethics, but do enjoy pushing boundaries now and again (mine and yours).

That and it always brings a smile to my face when people share feedback/testimonials.  Firstly, it’s lovely to hear and secondly if I am given permission to publish them, it helps others discover what I have to offer and allows me to connect with more people (and add to the holiday fund which is an extra bonus!).  I would love to eventually be able to dedicate myself to my hypno business full-time and I hope that with your support that I will be able to accomplish this.

I’m not really sure if I chose hypnosis or if it chose me, but either way I am certainly enjoying the path it has set me on.  For those of you who’ve already joined me on the journey – thank you!  My life is almost certainly better for having you in it.  For those of you who don’t know me yet and are just curious, you’re more than welcome to hop on board and see where it leads – I promise you it’s going to be an incredible (and pleasurable!) ride.