Hello and welcome!

If you’ve just arrived and are looking to explore, may I suggest checking out the About Me and My Voice and Style pages to allow you to orient yourself.

Thank you for joining me on what promises to be a very exciting journey.  I have been involved in hypnosis (including erotic hypnosis) for a number of years now, and have decided to take the next step and turn a passion into a business opportunity.

My aim – and the whole reason I became involved in hypnosis – is to spread joy and pleasure and essentially to help people.  I love how positive and transformative trance can be and how it can be utilised and expressed in so many different ways – from general hypnosis to overcome personal issues, right the way through to erotic hypnosis to deliver ecstatic pleasure.  The opportunities are endless…

Yes – I appreciate I am not one to come across as a traditional “Domme”.  Believe me when I say I am more than capable of doing so if the situation requires, however I am also so much more than that and have a great deal more to offer, which includes aiming to act as a gateway for people who are perhaps curious about the world of Erotic Hypnosis and HypnoDommes but for the moment are simply looking to explore and experiment before fully diving in.  To you I say welcome – you’re in for a massively pleasurable and transformative experience!   For those who are perhaps more experienced, I may be what you are looking for/something new and interesting to experience, but I may be not and that’s okay.  I believe that my style is definitely different to the traditional offerings out there, however no one style works for everyone.  Discover what you enjoy and run with it, but never stop exploring!
I am genuinely excited about where this journey will lead and I sincerely hope you are, too.  I welcome and value your input and feedback and I look forward to be able to share my new mp3 store with you soon, where you’ll be able to indulge in my new files.  Remember to check back and/or follow me on Twitter (@British_Hypno) to make sure you’re kept up to date!