Text Trance

Find out more about how I can trance you into a deep hypnotic state using my words alone...

I have decided to offer text trancing over Skype as well as video trancing.

Hypnotising you via text is just as effective as in person/over video.  It requires more skill on the part of the hypnotist as we don’t have the subtle visual cues we would do if we were able to see you.  I have been utilising text trancing for many years and pride myself on the skill and effectiveness of my sessions.  If you are interested in what the experience is like, you can read a testimonial from one lucky boy who enjoyed a text hypnosis session with me recently.

I’d never tried interactive text hypnosis before, so was interested to see how well it would work. I’ve had a couple of video sessions with Lady Jessica before, and love her recordings, so was well primed. I should have known, really: it was incredibly effective. I felt even more engaged and enthralled than in the video sessions, which is impressive given how deep those took me and how affecting they were. Lady Jessica skilfully anticipated, guided, encouraged and empathised with me as I went deeper and deeper into a blissful state of trance, the joyful effects of which I still feel much later. She is brilliant and friendly, and so good at what she does. You really should arrange a session with her if you can.


Interested in enjoying a text trance session? You can purchase one by clicking on the product to the right.

Remember to email me before purchasing to confirm a mutually agreeable time/date for the session.



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