Are you a genuine submissive or a fetishist? Be honest.

An incredibly important, yet often overlooked aspect to enjoying erotic hypnosis involves giving careful and (arguably more importantly) honest consideration to what exactly it is you want to get out of the experience.

You could be indulging in erotic hypnosis for any number of reasons – curiosity, indulging a fetish/kink, exploring submission.  These are all perfectly reasonable and legitimate reasons. You may even not be sure yet exactly what it is you do want from the experience. That’s okay, too.

What is vitally important, however, is that you are honest with yourself and your hypnotist.  Honesty gives you a more genuine experience and allows your hypnotist to better tailor your experience to what you want.

I cannot begin to tell you the number of times I have had clients tell me that their primary goal is submission – they want to submit to me and see hypnosis as a tool for deepening their submissive desires.  Fantastic – except when it’s not what you actually want, and instead your genuine intention is to play out a particular fantasy or kink. Playing out a fantasy or indulging in a kink isn’t inherently wrong in any way (I can’t begin to emphasize this enough), but misleading your hypnotist is.  It can lead to misunderstandings and potentially uncomfortable scenarios where the hypnotists suggestions don’t correlate with what you wanted. The hypnotist is working on the basis of you wanting to embrace genuine submission and you are working on the basis of playing out a specific fantasy you have.

Submission is just that – choosing to submit to the will/instruction of another individual who you trust and respect. Playing out a fantasy is selfish (and I don’t imply this in a negative way). You’re focusing on your own needs and desires rather than those of the person you are “submitting” to.  Genuine submission is selfless – your satisfaction comes from serving and pleasing the person you have chosen to submit to.

We all deserve to have our needs met (assuming they’re legal/don’t harm others and all other common sense disclaimers that may apply), and personally speaking as long as you’re honest with me about what you want I am often happy to oblige.  I am a big fan of pleasure and have built a career around making fantasies reality. It’s all good. Just don’t mislead me by telling me one thing when you mean/actually want something else as this kind of miscommunication can and does have consequences.  It can make situations uncomfortable when we’re not both on the same page and neither of us want that, do we?

If you’re not entirely sure what you want – tell me.  It’s okay. We can work it out together. Open, honest communication is absolutely essential to a healthy, fun and fulfilling experience.  It may be that you think you want to embrace submission but after dipping your toe in the water you find that actually you’re more attracted to the kink aspect and you don’t like the commitment of genuine submission.  Or perhaps you initially tell me that this is primarily a kink for you and then down the line you discover it’s become more and you really want to take things to the next level and genuinely submit and surrender to me and my control.

All these scenarios are fine as long as you are honest.  I know I keep hammering on about this, but it is so vitally important.  Honesty and communication are the foundations upon which a strong, healthy dynamic is built.  I am primarily an erotic hypnotist – I also include Domme elements with some clients. This means I can adapt depending on what needs/desires you communicate to me.

Being honest with me and yourself will allow allow you to enjoy a more immersive, fulfilling experience.  Take time. Think about what you want. Tell me. Simple!

What opinions do you have on this topic?  Have you spent a lot of time really thinking about what it is you want? I want you to share your thoughts in the comments below.

My 5 Favorite MP3’s right now

It’s been an interesting journey for me, hypnosis. For years it was a hobby until after 2 years of persuasion, a good friend friend encouraged me to go pro. I’ve been doing hypnosis full time for around a year now and it’s been such an incredible experience.  The freedom it’s given me – both in terms of creative expression and simply time (I set my own schedule) has been absolutely invaluable.


Whilst my primary focus has always been on the live Skype hypnosis sessions which I absolutely love (and which testimonials suggest are also loved by those who enjoy such sessions with me), I’ve also been building a catalogue of recordings.  I wanted to share my top 5 mp3’s right now. My favorites change often depending on my moods, but these 5 recordings (offered in no particular order of preference) are the ones that currently make my little heart happy:



This recording will always hold a special place in my heart as it was the first mp3 I ever made. It’s deliciously dark…a seductive story that leads you on a journey of obedience and surrender…enthralls you with the power of submission.  It’s a story that draws you in…nourishes and plays your desire to submit. I take you out for the evening…control you…and build the anticipation.


Down The Rabbit Hole

This is a confusion induction recording. Confusion inductions can be tricky to execute correctly – especially in recordings as you have no way of accurately gauging how the individual who is listening is responding. Still – I’ve never been one to shy away from a challenge and I have to say I am really, really pleased with how this recording has turned out.  It’s very effective but it’s also not too “hard” as some confusion inductions can be. It’s not intended to overwhelm and confuse in an uncomfortable way. It’s fun and ephemeral and whimsical…inviting you on a surreal journey loosely based on that of Alice in Wonderland. A really fun and unusual recording that I am very proud of.


Surrender & Obey

This was one of my first forays into the more direct dominant style which is typical of hypnoDommes. Generally my style is quieter…more seductive. But this time I wanted to explore my dominant side and let it out to play for a little while. “Surrender & Obey” was the result, and boy have you boys responded to it. It’s a consistently popular file and encouraged me to explore my darker, more directly dominant side more which led to…



This started out as an experiment. I wanted to push the limits of dominance and pleasure whilst still maintaining my boundaries. A direct, intense and dominant file, I’ve made sure there is absolutely no humiliation. That was very important to me. This recording took a long, long time to come together as I was pushing my own boundaries…discovering what was possible and how I could incorporate intense domination into my typically softer style and approach. But this recording, once finished, worked. And boy does it work! It’s probably one of my most popular recordings to date and I love that I get to completely unleash my inner Domme and remind you who is in control…moulding you to become my obedient fucktoy.  It’s deep and intense and powerful.



If you know me then you know I love pleasure. I love encouraging people to enjoy and embrace pleasure. To discover new pleasure. To push the limits of pleasure…and that’s exactly what this recording does. Perfectly. You know what an orgasm is – well a mindgasm is the mental equivalent. Flooding your mind with waves of intense, orgasmic pleasure.  I love this recording because it’s so pleasure focused and because it is so, so effective.


You can explore these recordings and more by checking out my MP3 and Video shop as well as listening to samples.


If you’ve enjoyed any of the above recordings I would love to hear your thoughts so please share your comments here.

HypnoDommes vs. Erotic Hypnosis

The concept of erotic hypnosis is still a relatively niche one, and not as of yet particularly well developed.  It’s growing, for sure, but there are still grey areas where delineations are somewhat blurred.  The differentiation between what constitutes a hypnoDomme and an erotic hypnotist are excellent examples of this.


The two terms are often used interchangeably to mean “more or less” the same thing, but I’m not convinced that that’s the case.  To my mind, if you’re a hypnoDomme then by the very nature of what you do you’re likely also an erotic hypnotist but I also believe it is possible to be an erotic hypnotist without also identifying as a hypnoDomme.


Why?  Well, it all comes down to the specialities of each profession.  To aim to make things a little clearer I’ve provided brief (and subjective as they’re purely based on my own interpretation) definitions of hypnoDommes and erotic hypnotists to hopefully better illustrate my point of view.


HypnoDommes are hypnotists who specialise in working within the BDSM niche.  They utilise hypnosis as a means to heighten/deepen typical D/s (Dominant/submissive) scenarios.  The focus is on creating a richer dynamic, and introducing trance allows a hypnoDomme to deepen their control (with the consent of their subject) which allows for an often much more intense experience.  What were traditionally physical aspects of the BDSM scene – for example bondage – can also be brought into play as a hypnoDomme can use the power of a hypnotic trance to convince a subject that they are appropriately bound (and have the subject believe this absolutely) even in the absence of physical restraints.


Erotic Hypnotists are more generalised.  The application of hypnosis is for the purpose of eroticism/arousal and whilst this can encompass D/s elements, it is by no means confined to them.  Hands-free orgasms, for example, can be used by HypnoDommes as an expression of control but they do not need to be framed this way.  An erotic hypnotist could induce a hands-free orgasm purely because it is a pleasurable/erotic experience.  Some people do not like the idea of being submissive/giving up control and with erotic hypnosis they do not have to.  Giving up control is not a requirement to enjoy trance.  It’s simply an added option that exists if you want to utilise it.


Personally I identify as an erotic hypnotist who can and does incorporate being a hypnoDomme when it’s appropriate to do so.  Why do I identify myself this way?  Because my main focus is pleasure, and (as long as it’s legal of course), I don’t discriminate how that pleasure is enjoyed.  Some people’s pleasure incorporates submissive elements, but for others it doesn’t and I like being able to embrace both sides.  Besides, even when I do incorporate D/s elements into trances, my style of domination is typically much more subtle and nuanced than the average Domme.  I’m not overt, I don’t make demands…but I still manage to accept and exert complete control where appropriate.


I hope that as the erotic hypnosis/hypnoDomme scene continues to grow the delineations and nuances between the two will continue to become more pronounced as I do worry sometimes that people who may be interested in Erotic Hypnosis are perhaps discouraged by the assumption that submission/surrender and other D/s elements are required.  Erotic hypnosis is open to all who enjoy pleasure in all its forms.  As a hypnotist I can literally make your fantasies become your realities and let’s be honest– how cool is that?!


I would love to hear your thoughts on the similarities/differences between hypnoDommes and erotic hypnosis so please feel free to share in the comments below.