Learning to walk before you can run/setting yourself up for success: setting up realistic goals to help you achieve your desires.

I appreciate that when you discover hypnosis and the vast array of possibilities and potential that it offers it can become very easy to get caught up in all the excitement and opportunities.  You have this whole new world of experiences just waiting to be discovered and enjoyed, so what are you waiting for, right? You want to jump right in the deep end and start having fun.  Why wait? Why hold back?  Dive in!

Except…it’s not always that simple, unfortunately.  As with anything, there will always be some people who take to hypnosis like a duck to water and have zero issues attempting anything they want. Such people though are very rare.  The vast majority of people will struggle if they attempt too much, too fast.  Now – it doesn’t mean that they’re not capable. It simply means they’re trying to run before they can walk.  In other words, taking your time, learning appropriately and accepting as exciting as this experience is, it still takes time to understand – this approach will be much more productive.

I know what I’m suggesting doesn’t sound as exciting as the idea of diving head first into your hypnotic journey and magically being able to immediately achieve everything with zero training or experience, but hear me out:

If you wanted to learn a new skill – say to play the piano – you couldn’t just sit down at the piano with no experience and play a piece of music, could you?  It doesn’t mean that you’re not capable of playing a piece of music, only that you presently lack experience.  With practice and training, however, your abilities will develop and you’ll find yourself able to play more and more complex pieces.  The same basic premise applies with hypnosis.  In order to best set yourself up for success, you have to accept that you’ll get out of this experience what you put in. The more you value it, the more you apply yourself through research, experimentation and practice, the more you will get out of it.

Once you recognise that you can achieve incredible things, but that like anything worth having it takes an investment of time and energy, you’re well on the way to setting yourself up for success with hypnosis.

I don’t mean to imply that achieving trance is hard/difficult.  It isn’t and shouldn’t be. But to really make the most of it, it requires focus and commitment to learning, practicing and implementing strategies to best help you achieve all that you desire.

I’ve shared below some simple strategies you can use to give yourself the best possible chance of being able to make the most out of your hypnotic journey.  The list isn’t exhaustive and isn’t intended to be.  What it is meant to do is give you a springboard to launch from.  To offer some guidance to help you set off on the right track and enjoy the best possible odds of success.  After all, hypnosis is an amazing journey – enjoy it!

  1. Take some time to think about what it is you want to achieve.  If you have some concrete ideas, write them down. If you’re not sure yet, that’s perfectly okay.  Have a broader think about how you want to feel and what you’re curious about.  Brainstorm. It doesn’t have to be specific or exact – just get a feel for what’s drawn you to hypnosis and made you curious/want to indulge.
  2. Research. Lots and lots of research.  I know this sounds boring, but it’s an investment.  I promise you, it’s worth the time it takes and will enhance your hypnosis experience.  Research different hypnotists carefully – we all have different styles and specialties. This is why I suggested beginning by figuring out what your interests and goals are – because doing this will help you focus in on hypnotists who are more likely to be suitable.
  3. Don’t panic if things don’t play out the way you imagined.  I personally see a lot of clients who, despite never having achieved hypnosis have a strong idea in their head of how things “should” be.  The reason why they’ve struggled?  When reality doesn’t match their idea of what hypnosis “should” be like, they’ve ignored the reality in favour of their expectations and this has caused issues. The solution?  Go into hypnosis with an open mind. Things may not play out the way you anticipated, but that’s not a problem at all. Being willing and able to adjust your expectations in view of the reality of your experience will help you to achieve trance much faster.

I hope you find this blog post useful. Please feel free to stay a while and explore all of the resources I have available on my blog and my site in general.

The hypnosis experience can be a surprisingly intense one

The hypnosis experience can be a surprisingly intense one.  Immersive in ways it can be difficult to comprehend until you’ve lived it. Experienced it first hand. Being in trance….feeling and embracing the possibilities is incredible and transformative but such pleasures and the expansiveness of the experience can also be overwhelming. Especially if you’re also including additional emotional elements such as submission and/or realisation of additional fantasies and desires.

Hypnosis can take you by surprise. Its effects can feel temporarily overwhelming and that’s okay. This is why I always encourage open and honest communication as well as engaging in trance with a hypnotist you trust. Being able to talk through your feelings and emotions openly and honestly, confident in receiving reassurance and support is very important.

Engaging with someone you trust and feel safe with is grounding. It can help you navigate and cope with what can feel like a very vulnerable situation.  Your hypnotist should be an anchor. They should focus and ground you, offering a safe space to explore the infinite possibilities hypnosis offers. I appreciate the pull of the temptation to dive right in.  To abandon yourself to the experience. To completely give yourself a favor, no holds barred. The potential is intoxicating. possibilities are alluring and addictive. Once your mind and body get a taste what hypnosis feels like, it’s like a gateway drug.   You want more. You want to take the next step, to explore and discover and to drink in the new possibilities. That excitement and anticipation perfectly reasonable and understandable. I’ve been practicing hypnosis for years. I know exactly how potentially addictive  cassia can be. How exciting the possibilities are, and how easy it is to crave more.

It’’s for these reasons but I always recommend researching, taking time understand who it is it will be playing with your mind encouraging your explorations, guiding you in what can be one of the most pleasurable experiences that you will ever enjoy.  Because to be able to fully enjoy and appreciate the pleasure, you have to feel safe in the environment you’re exploring. This involves enabling and establishing a level of trust with the hypnotist you are working with, which in turn opens doors to even more incredible pleasure and possibility.  Once you trust them, once you understand they have your best interest at heart, you’re able to let go and embrace the experience of hypnosis in an entirely new and Incredibly powerful way.

Establishing trust and communication means it in those moments when you feel overwhelmed, when things just become too much, you are secure in the knowledge  that you can communicate any fears,worries or concerns these will be listened to and acknowledged by your hypnotist. they can reassure you, offer explanations and tailor your hypnotic experience to ensure that it is as beneficial and pleasurable as possible.

Yes, Hypnosis is Real

I think I sort of take it for granted sometimes that hypnosis is real, genuine and effective.  Because I work with it every day and see the effects first hand to me it’s simply a given. I love what I do, but I’m also aware that complacency can be an easy trap to fall into so I was pleasantly surprised when I received the following review from one of my boys after a session. Before he came to me he had been trying to trance for 20+ years.


“Last night was special.  I think that, after so many years of trying to trance, I had formed (without recognizing it) the belief that hypnosis is somehow unreal.  Not that it is fake — but rather that it was some mixture of just quietly though consciously accepting most of what a hypnotist says. Maybe, according to this belief, it is more like listening to a really good story, and getting caught up in the reading, but not necessarily finding oneself swept away, or responding so powerfully (and without conscious inter-mediation) to suggestions, triggers, and commands.  If the story is sexy, you might cum. If it calls for a little audience participation, you might play along. But it wouldn’t be the case that you could just be dropped into a deep and infinitely submissive trance by a word or three. Your kind willingness to answer all my questions about what is and isn’t possible is helping me, I think, to re-learn what hypnosis is. Experience here is leading belief: there are the ever present feelings of submission, and my absolute and immediate responsiveness to your commands; belief is starting, finally, to catch up with reality”.


It was interesting to me that his pattern of experiences had given him the opposite perspective to mine.  He saw hypnosis as a fantasy – something that could be engaged with in a roleplay capacity but nothing more.  It made me think about how our experiences shape our perspectives and expectations. This boy wasn’t simply sceptical about hypnosis – he literally believed it didn’t exist. That it was a fantasy. So imagine his shock when he discovered that it is, after all, real.


I think some people think me saying that I transform fantasies into reality is a marketing ploy, but I genuinely mean what I say and those who have enjoyed live sessions with me will be able to attest to the truth of my words. Trance is real. Hypnosis is real. It works. Not every hypnotist will be able to hypnotise you effectively but that doesn’t discredit the phenomenon itself. I specialise in working with “difficult” and/or analytical subjects (basically those who have previously struggled to trance and/or been erroneously told by other hypnotists that they are somehow “bad” subjects) and yet I have a near perfect success rate (which I am very proud of, I hasten to add).


You’re skeptical? So what?  It doesn’t mean I can’t hypnotise you. Hypnosis isn’t some kind of magic (though it certainly can feel magical at times). You don’t need to believe in it for it to work.  You don’t even need to be relaxed. Mind going a million miles a minute? Not a problem.  The fact remains: hypnosis is real. Hypnosis works.  Don’t believe me? Go and check out my testimonials page. Plenty of people have taken time to confirm that not only does hypnosis work – I excel at what I do and they reap the benefits of that.


Am I being arrogant?  Perhaps. I personally see it as confidence underpinned by many years of experience. I know what I am doing. I am capable of delivering results and you are able to benefit from my experience.  Tried before with other hypnotists and not been successful? It doesn’t mean hypnosis doesn’t work/trance doesn’t exist. It simply means you haven’t found a hypnotist whose style works for you, yet.  Research, explore – invest time and you’ll enjoy the rewards of your efforts. The potential of hypnosis is limited only by your imagination.


If you’re curious about hypnosis and have questions you can always email me at info@queenofdreamshypnosis.com


I’m friendly and more than happy to answer any queries you have.  I love hypnosis and am very passionate about what I do. You deserve to enjoy the pleasure of trance and I would love to be the one to guide you on that journey of discovery.