Teased Into Submission

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It’s delicious, isn’t it? The way I can tease and manipulate your mind so effortlessly… how I can weave my words into a seductive web that ensnares your body and captivates your mind. My voice dripping like liquid gold into every deep, dark crevice of your very being… slipping inside you like satin and wrapping around your mind… enveloping you in soft, steady, welcomed control… wrapping you so tightly in my power that every last drop of resistance is squeezed from your body, leaving you open, refreshed and ready to accept my commands.


In this recording I’m not only going to tease you…I’m going to sensuously, slowly, deeply relax you, seduce your mind and manipulate you precisely how I want you. A seductive teasing session that surreptitiously meanders into a deep, intense brainwashing experience that will leave you simultaneously pleasurably satisfied and aching to surrender even more deeply to me.


Are you ready to experience for yourself just how richly I can hypnotically tease, seduce and brainwash your pliable mind?


Length: 32 mins 10 secs

1 review for Teased Into Submission

  1. Robert

    I’ve tried to describe this session before, but always ended up deleting what I’d come up with. Nothing I said did it justice. I’m trying again.

    The first time I listened to it was on or close to the day the Lady released it. I remember feeling like a string being batted around by a cat. But the cat had a purpose, it had designs on me, and by the time the session ended the string of my mind was wrapped tightly around the cat’s little finger, so to speak. Every time I’ve listened since has been as wonderous as the first time – except each is more intense.

    My experiences with the “Mindgasm” session have led me to rethink my definition of “pleasure”. This session made me rethink my definition of “tease”. The way She toys with you is a true delight, and even though you know – you KNOW – what’s going to happen… is it? Is it really? Where is She really leading you? Wherever it is, you WILL follow her. Because, really, no matter where it is, you don’t want to do anything else.

    As a standalone session this is truly wonderful. Truly, truly wonderful.

    And… if you follow it up with Mindgasm… well…. try it and see.

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