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Symbiont Sample

by Lady Jessica | Queen Of Dreams Hypnosis


Have you ever wondered what it would be like if your fantasies – those dark, hidden dreams of yours took on a life of their own? Just one day decided…to seduce you and take complete control?

What if you succumbed to those deep, dark desires inside of you? What if you became consumed by their power?

This recording is a collaboration between myself and the incredible artist Cinnead (@Domme_Art).

Be warned – it is much darker than my “typical” recordings but also deeply sensual and seductive.

Are you ready to explore your darker side? To surrender…and succumb?

Length: 20 mins 33 secs

1 review for Symbiont

  1. Cinnead

    Random mundane words and phrases tumble from Lady Jessicas lips and leave indelible marks on your soul. The recording slips seductively, soothingly into your mind…. Teasing and tempting…. Inviting you to surrender, to submit… to your own deepest darkest desires…

    A stunning tour de force from a truly mesmerising hypnotist

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