On-Site Payment Options


I wanted to offer a more in-depth explanation of payment options available on my site. Sourcing a company that will allow adult and/or hypnosis transactions is exceedingly difficult and very expensive (for me).  Security is important to me – all your financial info is processed securely by the payment processors I use. I never ever see or have access to any sensitive and/or financial information.



Website: https://ccbill.com/support/consumer/

Information: CCBill are the primary payment provider I use when you make purchases via my website. They are a well established (founded over 20 years ago in 1998) and have a safe, robust system for processing payments. If you attempt to place an order which does not go through (rare, but it happens), a quick call to your bank to confirm you authorised the payment should allow you to re-attempt the purchase with no further issues.


BMT Micro:

Website: https://www.bmtmicro.com/

Information: BMT Micro are a new payment processor I am trying out. They’ve been in business a long time (since 1992). Their system doesn’t integrate as well within my current shopping set up as CCBill does (which is why you will find links to pay via BMT Micro in the product description), but they take a much smaller cut than CCBill (around half) so more money ends up in my pocket. It also (appears) to allow purchases from more countries than CCBill, but I have yet to test this so cannot confirm.

I have to add all the links manually so it will take time. If you see a product you wish to purchase that does not have the option yet to purchase via BMT Micro instead of CCBill then contact me and I will do my best to expedite its inclusion.


Off-Site Payment Options

I also advertise my mp3s and videos on select external sites and will be adding these sites here once I am up to date with adding all recordings to each site. Keep checking back for more info.