Step 1: Decide What You want

Do you want a single session with either Mistress Clarissa or Lady Jessica (£200 per hour) or would you prefer a double session with both of us (£300 per hour)? Do you want to focus on hypnosis, BDSM or both?

Step 2: Complete and Submit The Questionnaire

This gives us (Lady Jessica and Mistress Clariss) information about what you’re looking for in your session and also lets us be aware of any potential health issues. This way we can tailor your session specifically to you and your needs and desires.

Step 3: Book The Session


Lady Jessica

Lady Jessica

Erotic Hypnosis Specialist

An experienced erotic hypnotist with almost a decade of experience when it comes to inducing hypnotic pleasure.  A soft, gentle & sensuous style is combined with a deep knowledge of hypnosis and how to utilise its potential for expotential pleasure and opportunities as well as a strong emphasis on ethics.  Tall, well spoken and with a penetrating, hypnotic voice that commands attention rest assured your mind will be helpless to resist my trance inducing powers.  I specialise in working with analytical subjects and those who have previously struggled to trance and my record of success speaks for itself. My love of and passion for hypnosis shines through in my work and is reflected in my testimonials provided by previous happy subjects.

Mistress Clarissa

Mistress Clarissa

Experienced Domme & HypnoDomme

I am an experienced British lifestyle and professional Dominatrix and Hypnotic Mistress based in central London where I’m well known on the FemDom scene. I offer live sessions, skype sessions, NiteFlirt calls, Hypnotic sound files and I also produce custom FemDom clips. I am one of the very few Mistresses worldwide to offer live hypnosis alongside BDSM in live sessions. I have been described as having an hour glass figure and a striking face, and as being feminine, poised, powerful, seductive, empathic, intelligent, educated, well – spoken and of course as possessing a mesmeric voice, but we all know that what actually makes a lady a Dominatrix is a little more specific and hard to quantify. You will only see glimpses of that certain something that is a little dangerous in my smile, in my gaze and hear it in my laugh, unless of course you choose to draw much closer, but lets not get ahead of ourselves. I have professionally dominated people since 2014. During that time I have gained experience, insights and acquired new skills that have sharpened my natural dominance into a finely focused and controlled force. Amongst these attributes and skills erotic hypnosis is the jewel in my crown. I have established myself as one of the few Mistresses worldwide to offer live erotic hypnosis in sessions and as part of my approach to slave training alongside a full range of more conventional BDSM activities. I enjoy hypnosis for the psychological power exchange, the ongoing control that it affords me and the satisfaction gained from shaping my subjects thoughts, attitudes and behaviours over time with just my words, and my soft melodic voice as extensions of my will. Alongside developing and honing my craft over time as a Mistress I’ve watched those I’ve taken into my stable flourish and I’ve gained evidence of my ability to nurture. I continue to refine my skills and to fall ever deeper in love with female domination as a glorious way of being.

London Session

Live Session in London Advance Booking Form
  • What are you interested in? Single Session? If so with whom. Do you want a doubleDomme session? What do you want to enjoy in the session?
  • It doesn't matter if you're brand new to hypnosis and/or BDSM or very experienced. By sharing your level of experience we can better plan/tailor your session specifically to you.
  • Please share your soft and hard limits. Soft limits are things you're unsure about but potentially open to negotiating. Hard limits are things you definitely do not want to engage in.
  • Please advise of any health issues you have, any medications you are taking, allergies you have, etc. This is for your safety.
  • Please advise what times/dates you are available. Plus, anything else you'd like to share? Here's your chance.


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