Free Recordings


I have a number of free recordings for you to enjoy. You can stream them here on the Free Recordings page, or find out more information about them/download them on the PAY WHAT YOU WANT page (don’t worry – there is an option to download them for free).


Why am I offering free recordings?

1. It’s a great way for you to get a feel for my voice and my style and work out if what I offer is right for you.  My approach is very different to the standard. I specialise in working with analytical people and those who struggle to trance so my work is much more creative and indirect. I don’t typically use common inductions like countdowns.  Explore, listen and enjoy!

2. It’s my way of giving back to the hypno community that has been so good to me. I’ve made many friends and learned a great deal over the years and these free recordings are one way for me to repay all that kindness and generosity.


The Power of Words 2: WordPlay

by Lady Jessica | Queen of Dreams

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