This page has definitely been a long time coming!  Those of you who know me know that I pride myself on my ethics, and it has taken me longer than most to feel comfortable with the idea of sharing a wish list.  I have added wishlists below, but with the following caveats:

  • Please don’t purchase something purely to try to get my attention – I know a lot of Dommes request a tribute of some kind before engaging in conversation, but I am not one of them!
  • If you do choose to purchase something it would mean a lot to me if it was done as a specific “thank you” for something or show of appreciation.  I know that this is not something I can police, but I want to put it out there.
  • Please don’t ever feel obliged to purchase anything – any gift should be given willingly (see above).

Amazon Wish List

Delivery Code Wish List

The DeliveryCode wish list can also be used to send gift vouchers.