Skype Sessions

Indulge in a live, 1-2-1 session for the ultimate trance experience

Let me start by saying I *love* hypnosis.  It’s a real passion of mine and being able to offer live 1-2-1 sessions via Skype is something I am very excited about!

Enjoying a live experience, personalised and tailored specifically to your wants and needs opens doors to a whole world of possibilities.  If you’ve ever found that you’ve struggled to enjoy trance, working one-on-one with a hypnotist can allow you to make real and substantial progress.  Live sessions can also be an excellent way to treat yourself to a really special and indulgent experience.

Whatever your reasons, I am able to offer you a special and unique experience.  To your right, you’ll find a video where I summarise the Skype experience.  Below there are tabs giving suggestions on how to prepare for sessions, trigger ideas and an FAQ.


Please remember that I do what I do primarily because I am passionate about it.  I am, first and foremost an erotic hypnotist who specialises in erotic pleasure.  I do include hypnoDomme elements, but I do not identify primarily as a hypnoDomme, so it is worth taking this into consideration.

I specialise in working with people who have previously struggled to trance (including analytical people).  I had one gentleman who enjoyed a successful session with me, but prior to our encounter had been trying to trance for 15 years.

One of my favorite things is to utilise post-hypnotic triggers and weave them into conversations…I love pleasure related triggers (including hands-free orgasms).  If you have a specialist/niche interest it is worth discussing this with me in advance to ensure that I can accommodate it.  I don’t, for example, entertain humiliation.  Experience has taught me that this always comes from a bad/negative place and I have no desire to re-enforce that.

Before booking a session please email me at so we can discuss what you’re looking to enjoy in the session.

Here are some simple, effective tips to help ensure that your session goes smoothly and you are able to enjoy the maximum possible enjoyment from the experience:

  • Wear loose-fitting, comfortable clothing.
  • Have a glass of water handy in case you become thirsty.
  • Ensure that there are no distractions (e.g. ringing phone) and that you will not be interrupted.
  • Check your webcam is working.
  • Find a comfortable position that you can maintain – it doesn’t matter if you are lying down or sitting up as long as we can see each other.

Perhaps most importantly…

  • Relax – as long as you want to be hypnotised, are capable of following simple instructions and provide me with honest feedback about what you are experiencing them the odds are very much in your favor that you will be able to enjoy a phenomenal session.
  1. Will we be able to see one another? Yes – the session will require us both to use a webcam.  Please bear in mind however that I am not a camgirl, so whilst you will be able to see my face, nothing else will be on show.
  2. Do sessions last for exactly one hour? Sessions will last for at least one hour.  If we are in the middle of something when the hour is finished, the session will continue until the matter is completed.  I won’t simply bring the session to a close suddenly and with no warning.
  3. What happens during a session? Whilst I tailor each induction style specifically to the individual I am working with, I do like to use a conversational style as a foundation.  I find this puts people at ease (especially if it is their first time trancing with me) and ensures we can take our time and enjoy the experience.  You won’t spend the entire hour in trance…I will bring you in and out of trance and make full use of post-hypnotic suggestions and triggers to enhance your experience.

It’s always a good idea to come to a session prepared with ideas for what triggers/experiences you would like to include in the session.  The below are intended as a few ideas to kick-start the creative process:

  • Trance (reinduction trigger)
  • Freeze
  • Pleasure
  • Orgasm
  • Relax
  • Mindless

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