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An exciting selection of recordings for you to explore and enjoy
Would you like to enjoy some new and exciting experiences and adventures in Erotic Hypnosis? You have come to the right place. Below you will find a selection of the recordings I currently have on offer. Be sure to check back regularly as new and exciting recordings are being added all the time. If there is a theme which excites you and isn’t (yet) listed below then get in contact by emailing me at and sharing your suggestions. Feedback relating to the recordings you have listened to and enjoyed is also very much appreciated. For now, take some time, explore what’s on offer and once you’ve made your selections, enjoy trancing to the sublime sound of my voice. p.s. Wondering why my recordings are shorter than average?  I do all my recordings (at present) in one take to try and maintain the real-time feel of the experience.  I’ve been doing hypnosis a long time and love developing hypnotic creations that allow you to trance deep, hard and fast (hence the shorter length). There are no triggers associated with my recordings at present, but I am working on some longer recordings which will include triggers.  Consider my current files an excellent way to discover, explore and enjoy my voice and style.