I have gained so much from being a part of the erotic hypnosis community (in terms of learning, friendships, etc) that I consider it my duty to give back to this amazing community whenever and wherever possible.  With that in mind I always endeavor to share my own knowledge with others and also offer free recordings which I have collated below.

I sincerely hope you enjoy what I have to offer, whether it helps you discover just how powerful the trance experience can be, gives you insight into my voice and style or just provides you with a delightful few moments of delicious escapism – these are my gifts to you for you to enjoy.

Assuming you do enjoy them, all I ask is that you “pay it forward” in whatever way you can – if you’re part of a hypnosis community, make an effort to welcome new members, engage in the community, share reviews for recordings (by any hypnotist) which you enjoy.  It all makes a positive difference.

I love words.  I love playing with words…weaving hypnotic webs that helplessly draw you in.  This recording is simply an expression of the unadulterated joy words bring me…an opportunity for me to share with you why I love what I do and give you an insight into my mind (whilst my words and voice slowly melt into yours).


This is a recording based around the concept of the progressive relaxation induction – encouraging you to slowly relax your body, bit by bit and allow your mind to calmly focus.  It’s a serene and gentle way to relax and can be used either as an induction, a precursor to an induction or just to take some “me” time and gently unwind.


This wasn’t originally intended as an induction…it was the result of a flash of inspiration – a reflection of a moment of indulgence, reflecting upon the power of words.  The result has become a very captivating, pleasurable and also hypnotic recording which can sometimes unexpectedly lull you into a light trance.  Great fun to listen to and enjoy.


Think you can’t be tranced in 5 mins?  Think again!  This admittedly short recording packs one hell of a punch and its power takes many people by surprise.  If you really want to enjoy trancing deeply, loop it – endless hours of deep trance pleasure await!


Do you enjoy hypnosis but worry that you may be led into giving up too much control?  Feeling vulnerable can be a real hindrance to successfully allowing yourself to enjoy trance and explore all that is on offer.  This recording is designed to allow you to successfully and deeply set your own boundaries so that you can enjoy trance on your own terms, within your own limits.

I wonder if you know what it feels like to enjoy deep, powerful, un-abandoned pleasure?  Have you ever allowed someone so completely into your mind that you begin to lose yourself in them, to them and for them?

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