I have gained so much from being a part of the erotic hypnosis community (in terms of learning, friendships, etc) that I consider it my duty to give back to this amazing community whenever and wherever possible.  With that in mind I always endeavor to share my own knowledge with others and also offer free recordings which I have collated below.

I sincerely hope you enjoy what I have to offer, whether it helps you discover just how powerful the trance experience can be, gives you insight into my voice and style or just provides you with a delightful few moments of delicious escapism – these are my gifts to you for you to enjoy.

Assuming you do enjoy them, all I ask is that you “pay it forward” in whatever way you can – if you’re part of a hypnosis community, make an effort to welcome new members, engage in the community, share reviews for recordings (by any hypnotist) which you enjoy.  It all makes a positive difference.

Below are some links to useful/interesting blog posts and articles which I feel you’ll enjoy:

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What is stopping you from enjoying trance?