About Me

Lady Jessica

Lady Jessica

British Erotic Hypnotist

I am lady Jessica (aka Queen of Dreams) and I am a practising British Hypnotist.

My involvement with hypnosis really took off around six years ago when I unintentionally hypnotised someone over the phone when trying to sound sexy (listen to my files and you will see what I mean!), but I have had a general interest in hypnosis for many, many years.

I adore the power and flexibility of hypnosis – how it can be used to empower people to achieve their goals and, when used appropriately can allow people to unlock and indulge in sublime, unsurpassed pleasure.

You will find that my style differs from the traditional “standard”.  I love words and am so creative with my inductions that your conscious mind may not appreciate at first that that is what they actually are…achieving this allows my voice to bypass your critical faculty and send you in to trance even deeper, even quicker.  It’s a very unique, special and profound experience to enjoy.

I do offer free samples of my work so you can discover for yourself whether my style is attractive to you.  In the words of the indomitable Dita Von Teese:

“You can be the ripest, juiciest peach in the world, and there’s still going to be somebody who hates peaches.”

I know and appreciate that my style will not appeal to everyone – I love and celebrate that diversity and how each person is different.  Even if you do fall deeply and enjoy the power of my words and voice, I still encourage you to seek out and enjoy other avenues for pleasure if you want to.  I know I can deliver sublime hypnotic pleasure, but there are many journeys you can take to the destination of pleasure – don’t feel you have to limit yourself to just one path if you don’t want to.

Now – get comfortable, explore, discover and enjoy.  You are in for one heck of a journey!