I can make all your fantasies come true

A realm of seductive opportunities and pleasures beyond your wildest dreams await you. All you have to do is surrender to my voice


Have you ever imagined what it would feel like to meet someone who can make all your fantasies come true?


Who can help you achieve and enjoy trance even when you assumed it would be difficult or impossible? My name is Lady Jessica and I am an experienced British Erotic Hypnotist who specialises in making dreams become realities.


I have successfully worked with countless people to help them achieve their dreams and I look forward to working with you. Please stay awhile and look around – I am passionate about hypnosis and love to share my experience and what I have learned so you will not leave empty handed.

Getting Started…

1. Lets Get Acquainted: Why not take some time to get to know me?  Take a look at the about me page so you can understand my background and outlook.

2. Discover What I Have To Offer: Check out my blog, free gifts and samples.

3.  Indulge: Treat yourself to some MP3’s and/or a Skype session and discover just how powerful and pleasurable trance can be.

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Skype Sessions

Enjoying a Skype session is a fantastic way to explore the possibilities of trance.  Whether you’ve previously struggled to trance or are looking to take your hypnosis experience to the next level, a live one-on-one experience with me is truly unforgettable.  But don’t take my word for it.  Check out the testimonials page.

MP3 Recordings

Check out the variety of mind-meltingly pleasurable hypnotis mp3 recordings I have to offer.  Indulge yourself and embrace the pleasure of trancing to the dulcet words of my seductive, hypnotic voice.


Check out my blog to find out how I became involved in hypnosis, why analytical people make excellent subjects and much, much more!

Jess’ power and sensuality are vast and it is so easy and so pleasurable to submit to her and let her guide you down a path of submission and pleasure.  She is also amazingly ethical and decent and knows that pleasure is meant to be shared and enjoyed, and she knows submission is a gift – Jess would never try to take it or limit where and when you can get pleasure, but rather use her skills to make you enjoy both so much more.